Falla Avinguda de l'Oest – Els Velluters

ASTRONOmy – Yours

This little girl looking through the telescope is passionate about astronomy. Her name is Vega, after one of the brightest stars in the summer sky, in the constellation of the Lyra.

She loves the stories that mythology tells about the constellations, so much so that her pets are also named after stars.

His favorite constellation is Pegasus, the horse of Perseus, who managed to cut the head of the Medusa *Gorgona, who turned into stone anyone who looked at her, and thus, after this feat he was able to marry Andromeda.

He is fascinated by Orion, the most beautiful constellation in the sky. It receives the name of “Cathedral of the firmament” and the belt “the *Sistine chapel of the sky”. The mythology tells that it was a giant hunter, very reveler and womanizer that for a lot of time pursued and besieged Pleiades, group of nymphs, sisters among themselves, but Taurus always defended them. Orion made his biggest mistake when he tried to harm Artemis, the Virgin Goddess, who to take revenge created the Scorpion, who stung and killed the giant.

This giant had two dogs, “major can” and “minor can”, and Zeus raised them to the sky after his death because they were always together. Sirius is the alpha star of the “major canine”, it is the brightest star in our sky, a double star with very white light and shining with green and blue sparkles, very easy to recognize!

The lesser bear also calls your attention because its brightest star is the pole star, which in case someone does not remember is the star that guided the Magi to the portal of Bethlehem.

As a constellation enthusiast, Vega always asks her friends for their zodiac signs, and shows them where they are in the sky and their corresponding mythological history.

Vega was born on January 12, so her horoscope is Capricorn, which represents the god “Pan”, a cheerful and playful god who played the flute very well and liked to dress up, have fun and amuse.

His best friend is Libra, the only sign not represented by an animal or living being. Libra represents the scales of justice.

Her parents are Aquarius and Sagittarius, her younger brother is Leo, her grandparents are Arias and Gemini… I’m sure you know someone who is Cancer, Fish, Leo and Virgo, but right now you don’t remember.